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Connect to Public API

Describes how to control your organization wallet using the blockery public api.

What is the Blockery Public API

The blockery public api is an API interface designed to allow organzations to manage their wallets at scale, programatically. For example, users may wish to send assets, mint NFTs, or create new tokens. Blockery abstracts the chore of performing these actions on the chain into an easy-to-understand RESTlike API.

Making an API call

In order to make an API call, simply create an https request and direct it to the appropriate resource.

For example:

curl --location --request POST "" \
--header "Content-Type: application/json" \
--header "Authorization: Bearer <API Authentication Token>" \
--data "{
\"user_specified_id\": \"0001\",
\"assets_to_mint\": [
\"name\": \"cooltoken\",
\"policy_id\": \"557d49d7cb9eeb04bf8881ddf14c1ed3264deac97997fb64cd1883f4\",
\"receive_address\": \"addr_test1qr8gvwqwsr69prhtffq4wp20syqfadfezu7jpy0yjzpnr40djpltrn262hjuw3mhv4dr3l6wyd2n2m6nw58xnfywqhxqrtdzws\",
\"quantity\": 100

The above request would mint a token called cooltoken.

Structure of the Request

Request URL

The production api can be found at

Header: Content-Type

The api expects application/json content in all bodies. Make sure you format your bodies as json.

Header: Authorization

The api expects a JWT bearer token to be passed in the Authorization header. The key of this header is Authorization, while the value always starts with bearer and is followed by your API authentication key.

Blockery Public API docs

Detailed documentation describing the API resources can be found here: