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Request Results

Enumerates the various types, constants, and datastructures found in the Request Results event channel.

Request Results Channel

When your application makes a request to the API, then the API will respond notifying you whether your request was received. Most requests submitted to the API are long-running. This means that the consequences will not be immediately known. A successful response from the API is not an indication that your action completed successfuly, it merely indicates that we received your request to perform the action.

In order to learn whether your action completed successfully, your application must subscribe to the request result data stream for your organization. This stream will contain JSON formatted messages describing how blockery is handling your request. It will also describe the ultimate results of the request (success/failure).

Data Structure

Messages in the Request Results channel conform to the following example structure:

"title": "Transaction State Changed",
"description": "Transaction State Changed from 'pending', to 'in_ledger'",
"data": {
"follow_up_txtId": "Y4XgbuQGo6tlpxZM43QA",
"user_specified_id": "0001",
"tx_state": "in_ledger",
"result": {
"tx_id": "753f2ef8c7a01279ac65c97a747d5b3c71a554fd9810bbd23bc6d0ee49674aa4"
titlestringA standard message describing what happened
descriptionstringA dynamic human-readable description of the details of what happened
dataobjectAn object containing the structured data for this event
data.follow_up_txIdstringA unique identifier for the request
data.user_specified_idstringA unique identifier for the request, specified by the user when making it
data.tx_statetx_stateThe current state of the request
data.resultobjectData which summarizes what happened as a consequence of the initial request
data.result.tx_idstringThe on-chain identifier for the transaction

Types and Enumerations


  • new - A new request has been logged. It is in queue for processing.
  • pending - A request has been processed. However, the processing event is long-running. We are monitoring progress and will notify you when processing has completed.
  • in_ledger - Your request has finished processing successfully.
  • expired - Your request timed out while processing.
  • failed - Your request has failed. See the message for an explanation as to why.